Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Branch Manager

Describe Yourself In 3 Words
Forgetful, Irresistible, Happy

What I Do Best
Stick To My Diet Plan

My Favourite Film
Happy Gilmore

3 People I Would Invite To A Dinner Party
Thierry Henry, Eva Mendes, Adam Sandler

Who I Admire Most
Lee Buxton- For Giving Me This Opportunity To Make Him Money And Also For The Pay Rise I Will Shortly Receive!

More about me

I didn’t know what direction my career was heading in. I had currently studied Accountancy at college and was working part time at TK MAXX . I had seen an advertisement on social Media in regards to a Recruitment job available. I then Called directly to the office to show my interest which resulted in getting offered an Interview at Driving Force.

After 2 Interview stages I started as Temp in Branch in April 2015 working 3 days a week, as well as working my other job at TK Maxx. It was a good opportunity to get to know the recruitment industry to see if it was for me.

After 3 months passed I was then offered 5 days as a trainee consultant which then lead to me the consultant position. After a year being with the company I enjoyed working with Bristol team and realised this was a great company to work for, the Senior consultant had left the business which then opened up the opportunity  for myself which I took with both hands. I had managed to gain great relationships with our Drivers, clients and staff. Bristol had become a successful branch and my hard work was being noticed.

I am now currently Branch manager of Bristol and enjoy every day coming into work facing new challenges and hitting targets. If you are unsure on what to do as I did i would definitely recommend Driving Force Recruitment, great opportunities and hard work is noticed throughout the company.