Rachel Sargeant

Rachel Sargeant

Regional Manager - North West

What’s your role within the Driving Force family? 

“I am a Regional Manager who covers the North West, North and South East of the UK.

What do you like doing outside of work? 

“I love to watch films, cuddle my dogs and drink gin or whiskey!”

Now for the important questions… 

Have you had a famous encounter? Tell us about it! 

“My auntie is married to Phil Collins’ brother… technically he’s my uncle! Does he know me or care?! No.”

Office debate: tea or coffee?

“COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!” – Did you drink a lot of coffee when answering this question Rachel?…

What’s the most used emoji on your phone?

“The poo emoji…

You are shrank to the size of a penny and put in a blender – how do you get out?!

“Wait for someone to fill it, float to the top, then hop out before I become human juice.” 

What’s your favourite game to play?

“Twister! Who doesn’t like body parts in your face and awkward positions.”

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More about me

I joined Driving Force in November 2014 as a Branch Manager in Altrincham after 14 years in the Recruitment Industry working in Both Driving and Industrial sectors.

I helped grow the branch year on year was promoted to the North West Regional Manager in November 2017.

We have a fantastic, hardworking team in North West who I’m very proud and lucky to work with.

I can safely say that moving to Driving Force has been the best choice I have made throughout my career and its refreshing to work for a company where everyone has the same goals and a clear vision and growth plan.

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