Complaints Policy

Our complaints policy

As Corporate Members of the REC, it is our commitment to adhere at all times to the REC Code of Professional Conduct. In the unlikely event that you have a complaint to make, please adhere to the following simple five-step process to ensure that your complaint is dealt with efficiently and effectively.

1) Communicate your complaint to the Branch Manager providing specific details relating to your complaint.

2) A documented response will be made to your complaint within 48 hours.

3) If you feel that the response is unsatisfactory and requires further investigation please refer your complaint to a Regional Manager – contact details for the Regional Manager best suited to deal with your complaint can be obtained from your local branch.

4) A documented response will be made to your complaint within 48 hours.

5) In the highly unlikely event that your complaint has been dealt with in an unsatisfactory manner please contact the HR Department on 01978 294208 or john.sutcliffe@driving-force.co.uk

It is our intention to minimise complaints and deal with them to the satisfaction of all parties as and when they do arise. If, having followed the simple process above, you still feel that you have a grievance then please contact the REC.

Driving Force thank you for your co-operation and look forward to working with you in the future.