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2024 recruitment trends: what's in store for the year ahead

by Gap

2024 recruitment trends: what's in store for the year ahead

2024 recruitment trends: what's in store for the year ahead


New year, new job scene. Or at least the saying goes, right? It seems that at the start of a every year there’s always a shift in what’s hot – and what’s not, and 2024 is certainly no different. Sit back whilst we spill the tea on the latest trends to shake up our hiring habits.


1.      The tech takeover continues

It’s no surprise that technology like AI and machine learning is switching up the hiring process. Phrases that we definitely didn’t expect to see on our 2024 bingo card just two years ago, are now stealing the spotlight, revolutionising tasks such as candidate matching, CV screening, and initial interviewing. It’s through these innovations that we’re seeing a real upgrade across the recruitment process, with improvements to productivity, reductions in bias, and the opportunity for recruiters to focus on what really matters to them and their business, such as relationship building and talent management. Ready or not, tech is the future - don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your 2024 game plan.


2.      Don’t shy away from the diversity dance

Equity, diversity, and inclusion – once buzzwords in the boardroom are now the real deal in successful organisations. When it comes to hiring, it's time for companies to make a big deal about their equality practices, implementing inclusive interviewing practices and diverse placements. But this shift isn’t just about meeting societal expectations – it’s a strategic effort to spark innovation and create a workplace that is vibrant and strong.


3.      Skills over degrees

It appears there’s a noticeable change in the air regarding employers’ approach to hiring, with more and more waking up to the fact that the dynamic and diverse workplaces of today demand more than just technical know-how and academic accolades. Of course, they're important, but there's a bigger, more nuanced picture. It's about honing in on the intangibles – those down-to-earth skills that make a workplace click. Think effective communication, adaptability, and problem-solving; these are the traits that offer impact and value to a team. The shift isn't about tossing that pile of CVs aside (apologies to all the admin avoiders); it's about looking past the paper trail and focusing on the skills that truly spell success. Yep, we’re officially in our ‘soft skills’ era, where a candidate's ability to navigate the human side of work is just as crucial as their paper credentials.


4.      Levelling up the candidate experience

This year, it’s predicted that the candidate experience will become a key differentiator for employers, with today’s job seekers expecting a seamless, personalised, and candidate-centric recruitment process. They’re looking for employers who get what makes them tick,  understands their  values and career goals, and guides them through the job-hunting journey with the right info at the right time. Because let’s face it, nobody needs a headache when job-hunting. The key is making the candidate feel like a VIP; organisations that pull this off will build a rep as a workplace that everyone wants to be part of.


So, there you have it – the lowdown on what's shaking in the UK's job market this year. In a landscape driven by technology, diversity, and changing work dynamic, it’s imperative that companies stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the evolving industry. By doing so, they’ll undoubtedly set their organisations up for success in 2024.